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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Most Common Replacement Pool Parts

In this post, our pool experts will take a look at five of the most commonly replaced pool parts. In order to keep your swimming pool in top shape, it's important to have a regular maintenance schedule. However, some pool parts may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. These pool products include:
The pool pump is the heart of every swimming pool. When the pump's motor isn't up to par, your water isn't going to circulate properly. This can lead to a lot more problems like algae build up, dirty pool water and unhealthy swimming conditions. All of which can completely ruin the experience of swimming in your pool.

Like the light bulbs in your house, swimming pool lights do not last forever. They have a fairly predictable lifespan and since there are a number of them you can expect to replace your light bulbs on a regular basis. These are also easy ways to switch up the look of your pool, which is why some owners decide to replace the lights even if they aren't burned out.                     

Keeping the pool water clean and free of bacteria, algae and viruses is not an easy task. Chlorine is often the solution to maintaining clear pool water. Pool chlorinators regulate chlorine, continuously monitor the water levels and disperse chlorine as needed. Because it is a constant job, chlorinator parts succumb to wear and tear quicker than other pieces of pool equipment.

Multiport gaskets, also known as spider gaskets, are a part of the filtration system. This system is constantly working to keep the pool water clean, so it’s understandable that from time to time the pool products within this system will need replacement. Multiport gaskets are one such product, but fortunately they aren't too difficult to replace.

Catching all the debris in a pool is no easy task. Over the years a lot of junk needs to be filtered out. Skimmers are part of the pool drain system that handles this process. Water flows through the skimmers at the waterline of the pool and into the filtering system.

If you look underneath the skimmer lid you’ll find the skimmer basket. These parts are subjected to a lot of gunk and need to be replaced if they become worn. This area of the pool should be replaced regularly to avoid costly repairs. 

Need to find pool parts to get your personal watering hole up and running? Give The Pool Guy Store a call and we'll help you find the necessary replacement pool parts!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 Cost Effective Pool Products for Easy Maintenance

On those warm spring and hot summer days there’s nothing more beautiful and enjoyable than a sparkling pool. Getting it to that pristine condition might be another story. The one reason most people say they wouldn’t want a pool is because of the time and cost involved in maintaining it.

But with the right pool products maintaining your personal watering hole is a lot easier and affordable. Here are our top picks for pool products that make maintenance easy.

The Top 10 Affordable Pool Maintenance Products:

1.    Pentair Test Kit 77DPD – Keeping your water balanced is the first step in maintaining your pool. This affordable Chlorine/Bromine test kit comes with a handled carrying case that holds 6 kinds of tablets and solutions for testing your water.

2.    POOLIFE Granular Chlorinator and Shock-and-Swim  – To control algae and contaminates treat your water with this patented POOLIFE product. All you have to do is add granules to circulating water in the afternoon or evening for the best results.

3.    POOLIFE Clean Shock – It’s multi-purpose and it’s a one-step solution that only needs to be done once a week to keep your pool clean and swimmer-friendly for seven days. There’s no need to pre-dissolve POOLIFE Clean Shock making it less of a hassle compared to other products.

4.    Pentair IntelliChem Chemical Controller – The IntelliChem is designed to make storing your muriatic acid as easy as possible with auto setup, a programmable chemical feed and built-in Langelier Saturation Index calculator.

5.    Artic Blue Winter Kits – Preventative care and maintenance is a must to get your pool ready for the winter. The Artic Blue Winter Kit has everything you need to quickly prep your pool so it stays clean throughout the cold months.

6.    POOLIFE Active Cleaning Caplets – Using the same active ingredient as the granules, but a unique design the caplets can keep your pool perfectly chlorinated for days.

7.    Jack in a Box All in One Pool Kit – Used along with your chlorine or bromine system the kit includes seven different products that keep your pool scum, stain and algae-free.

8.    Spa Magic – This spa cleaning kit from Jack’s Magic provides chemicals that only need to be used once and month and tablets that are added just once a week to keep the spa portion of your pool looking good for 30 days.

9.    Natural Chemistry Hassle Free Fall Shut - down and Spring Start-up Kit – The name says it all. End and begin your pool seasons with ease using the two simple products included in the kit.

10.     Stain ID Kit – Another amazingly easy-to-use pool maintenance product from Jack’s Magic. Use the Stain ID Kit to determine the best and easiest way to remove a stain by testing it first.

These 10 pool maintenance products are designed to make the management of your oasis as easy and quick as possible. Take a look at them today and start enjoying a clean, hassle-free pool.