Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Most Common Replacement Pool Parts

In this post, our pool experts will take a look at five of the most commonly replaced pool parts. In order to keep your swimming pool in top shape, it's important to have a regular maintenance schedule. However, some pool parts may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. These pool products include:
The pool pump is the heart of every swimming pool. When the pump's motor isn't up to par, your water isn't going to circulate properly. This can lead to a lot more problems like algae build up, dirty pool water and unhealthy swimming conditions. All of which can completely ruin the experience of swimming in your pool.

Like the light bulbs in your house, swimming pool lights do not last forever. They have a fairly predictable lifespan and since there are a number of them you can expect to replace your light bulbs on a regular basis. These are also easy ways to switch up the look of your pool, which is why some owners decide to replace the lights even if they aren't burned out.                     

Keeping the pool water clean and free of bacteria, algae and viruses is not an easy task. Chlorine is often the solution to maintaining clear pool water. Pool chlorinators regulate chlorine, continuously monitor the water levels and disperse chlorine as needed. Because it is a constant job, chlorinator parts succumb to wear and tear quicker than other pieces of pool equipment.

Multiport gaskets, also known as spider gaskets, are a part of the filtration system. This system is constantly working to keep the pool water clean, so it’s understandable that from time to time the pool products within this system will need replacement. Multiport gaskets are one such product, but fortunately they aren't too difficult to replace.

Catching all the debris in a pool is no easy task. Over the years a lot of junk needs to be filtered out. Skimmers are part of the pool drain system that handles this process. Water flows through the skimmers at the waterline of the pool and into the filtering system.

If you look underneath the skimmer lid you’ll find the skimmer basket. These parts are subjected to a lot of gunk and need to be replaced if they become worn. This area of the pool should be replaced regularly to avoid costly repairs. 

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