Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hayward AquaBug Automatic Pool Cleaner

Better than a weekly pool boy, the Hayward AquaBug Pool Cleaner is not only cuter eye candy but is also cheaper in the long run and never misses a spot! This cute little critter is an above ground pool cleaner that automatically maneuvers the bottom of the pool to quickly pick up grass, leaves, bugs, dirt and all kinds of litter to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long. The Hayward Aquabug operates off your pool’s current filtration system, which saves you the trouble of purchasing extraneous booster pumps that can get quite pricey. And installing in less than 10 minutes, it really does save you both time and money!


Although all automatic pool cleaners require sophisticated technology of some sort, this Hayward pool cleaner – with its patented SmartDrive system - may be the most intelligent above ground cleaner in the market today. It is designed to automatically navigate and clean the bottom of nearly any shape (uneven, dished or flat) and size above-ground pool without any supervision or manual labor required from you. With the SmartDrive system’s pre-programmed steering capabilities, the entire floor of the pool is guaranteed to be cleaned quickly and efficiently in the most meticulous manner. Don’t be fooled by the AquaBug’s cute and friendly exterior, because it’s actually ruthless in its debris-fighting responsibilities! Even the most microscopic dirt particles cannot evade this cleaner’s combination of methodical steering patterns and powerful vacuum suction.

Water Circulation

While the Hayward AquaBug already circulates the perimeter of your pool, it also improves water circulation in the pool with its unique turbine/gearing system. By assuming the characteristics of a main drain, it directly draws water from the very bottom of your pool as it works and moves. This physical action provides constant balanced water flow, which decreases the amount of chemical cleaners and sanitizers needed to clean your pool. So, soak up some rays with a juicy novel, catch up on your favorite shows, run some errands or do whatever your heart desires as the AquaBug gently and quietly makes your pool bed absolutely spotless for your next dip!

Other Features

Along with the amazing features already mentioned, here are some other great elements of this above ground pool cleaner:

  • Bumper ring that minimizes friction as it bumps and moves away from walls to resume its programmed steering pattern
  • Slotted santropene shoes for quick turns
  • A domed, contoured design to move underwater more efficiently for faster operation and to reduce cleaning time
  • 1 year warranty

With the Hayward AquaBug automatic pool cleaner, simply take joy in knowing that you won’t have to lift a single finger as it does all the work for you. Scratch that cumbersome pool cleaning off your weekly to-do list by ordering one today!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Swimming Pools: Above Ground vs. In-Ground Swimming Pools

The key ingredient to surviving the summertime heat is access to crisp, cool water. If you’re thinking about buying a swimming pool, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of above ground and in-ground swimming pools before making your decision because let’s face it, it’s not a small purchase!

To help you decide what the best swimming pool for your space, needs and budget is, we have compiled a list of things you should consider when deciding what type of pool you should buy.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Pre-manufactured in kit form, these pools are simply large containers filled with water.


  • This is the best option for those working with a smaller budget. Approximately 1/10th to 1/5th of the total cost of in-ground swimming pools, they are the cheaper, more economical option.
  • Because they are considered temporary structures, in most cases, your property taxes will be unaffected.
  • Arriving in kit form, installation only takes a few days and is fairly easy.
  • Generally, above ground swimming pools with walls that are at least 48” are not required to have a fence around the entire pool. At minimum, they are required to have a fence around the ladder area or have a ladder with a built in self-closing gate.
  • Great for homes with small yards or for people who don’t want to lose the majority of their yard space to a pool.


  • Because they are considered temporary structures, they do not add any real value to your house and may even take away from the overall aesthetic quality of your backyard.
  • They are not ideal for homes in the South or places with much warmer climates. For example, temperatures can rise to well over 100 degrees for days on end in Texas and a smaller body of water is going to heat up faster and hotter than a larger body of water. This extreme heat promotes much faster chlorine breakdown and algae growth, which in turn causes the owner to buy more chemicals and pay higher utility bills to run the pool pump for longer periods of time.
  • They don’t have many customizable options; shapes are generally limited to round or oval. Still, you can add decking or railing around the pool to give it a more finished look.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Made of either concrete, vinyl or fiberglass, these swimming pools are built by digging out and excavating a large site.


  • Because they are considered permanent structures, they add value to your home.
  • Great for warmer climates.
  • They have countless customizable options - with concrete/gunite pools offering the most, vinyl liner in ground pools with the second most, and fiberglass pools coming in third. Endless varieties of shapes, liners, walls, decking, paving and even entertainment add-ons – like diving boards, waterfalls and slides – are available to give your pool a unique personality and look to set it apart from the rest. They can be built according to almost anything you could possibly imagine or in any way your heart may desire.
  • They can be made to be up to 10 feet deep or more, whereas above ground pools average around only 4 feet deep.


  • The cost may be the biggest, if not only, disadvantage when it comes to in-ground pools. Simply getting one built in the first place is a major investment on its own. The initial cost to build and install it is already high but add the yearly maintenance and upkeep on top of that, and you’ll see why it takes a lot of forethought before purchasing an in-ground pool.
  • All in-ground pools are required by law to be completely enclosed by a fence to prevent small children from accidentally falling into the pool and to protect yourself from being held responsible for any injuries that occur in your pool – even if you are not present at the time.

Although purchasing a swimming pool may be a large commitment, it does not have to be a nerve wracking decision – it should be a fun and exciting time for you and your family. When it comes down to it, an above ground pool is going to be more economical initially and a more temporary structure overall, whereas an in-ground pool will require more of an initial investment but, when properly cared for, can be enjoyed for years to come and can add market value to your home.

About the Author: The Pool Guy Store provides discount pool supplies for above ground, in ground, and commercial swimming pools. For more information on products and services, please visit www.thepoolguystore.com.