Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Benefits of Salt Water Systems for Swimming Pools

More pool owners are switching to saltwater pool systems.

Recently, salt water pool systems have increased in popularity as many current pool owners and those who are building pools have noticed the many benefits that this type of system has over the standard chlorine systems. Some advantages that pool owners will be able to take advantage of after installing a saltwater system includes: reduced chemical use, lower maintenance fees and work to be done, as well as increased comfort for an overall better swimming experience. The Pool Guy Store will assist you in learning more about the benefits that salt water pools offer and can provide you with all of your residential and commercial pool product needs.

Increased Comfort

One of the biggest perks of owning a salt water pool system is the increased comfort that you will notice while in the water. Chlorine can be uncomfortable on your skin and may cause irritation such as red and burning eyes, discolored hair and itchy skin. With salt water, these are issues that you simply do not have to worry about. The salt is much softer on your skin and health.

Cheaper Costs

By purchasing swimming pool chlorine generators from The Pool Guy Store, you will be investing in top of the line equipment that will actually lower your overall pool maintenance costs. This chlorine generator uses salt to produce chlorine which will keep your pool water clean without the use of many different chemicals. Although the upfront cost of a chlorine generator is more expensive than your average chlorine pool, you will save money over time by spending less than half the cost that it typically takes to maintain a chlorine pool. Simply test your water levels regularly and add salt as needed to keep your swimming pool in tip top shape.

Less Maintenance and Less Chemicals

Those who have chlorine pools may need to store toxic chemicals on a regular basis that need to be added to their pool. With a saltwater pool, this is never an issue. In addition to being more eco-friendly, you will not have to deal with the strong chlorine smell, as saltwater does not emit a strong odor. In addition to not having to use a variety of different chemicals, saltwater systems basically keep themselves clean, leaving you with much less maintenance to do. Because the salt is constantly converted into a form of chlorine, you do not need to check your water sanitation levels as regularly and algae growth will be highly reduced while the system is running throughout the year.

No Effect on Medical Conditions

While unknown to many, chlorine pools can actually cause major medical conditions such as abnormalities in your immune system, cancer and asthma. This is caused when chlorine levels drop far too low, leaving organochlorines to form in the water. In saltwater, these levels never drop that low, meaning that there are no medical conditions to be concerned about.

With all of these major benefits that saltwater pool systems offer, you may consider updating your pool today. The Pool Guy Store can provide you with all of your equipment, parts, supplies and chemicals at affordable everyday rates with free shipping on orders over $79.