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Monday, September 22, 2014

SoundCast Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Summer pool parties and back-to-school barbecues bring family and friends together in backyards across America. However, if there isn’t any music playing, it’s not a party! The SoundCast Wireless Outdoor Speakers from The Pool Guy Store are the perfect solution when you need high-quality, water resistant amplification that will play your favorite tunes wherever you want. These state-of-the-art patio speakers are proven to broadcast music up to 350 feet in all directions, through floors, walls, and ceilings when you want them to.

With two models to choose from, you will not be disappointed in these portable outdoor speakers that come fully-equipped with rechargeable batteries, charging systems, adapter cables, power cords, and line input for direct play. Both models are designed to accommodate superior sound in outdoor spaces with easy setup and a phenomenal sound range and quality.

SoundCast’s OutCast Jr. Wireless Speaker - without Transmitter

The SoundCast OutCast Jr. wireless speaker was specifically designed for the outdoors. This wireless model, made from water-resistant plastic, has an amazing broadcast range of up to 350 feet. Using the auxiliary input/output jack, this unit is compatible with any computer, home theater system, audio system, iPod, MP3 player, or TV by purchasing a companion iCast transmitter (for use with iPods, etc.) or a UAT (Universal AudioCast Transmitter). These options can be added on to your SoundCast speakers as needed, or you can select the model that includes an iCast transmitter. Enjoy up to 9 hours of uninterrupted play with the long-lasting, rechargeable NiMH battery that is included.

This model is built to withstand any type of weather and you will enjoy an easy pause/play and track forward/backward system on the remote. The setup is easy and the sound quality is phenomenal! At approximately 10” x 19.5” and only 16.4 pounds, it’s the perfect size outdoor speaker when space may be an issue or you want to be able to blend the unit in with your patio or pool d├ęcor and/or landscaping.

SoundCast’s OutCast Wireless Audio Speaker - with Transmitter

SoundCast’s OutCast wireless audio speaker comes with a transmitter already included in the package and price and is the answer to high-quality, portable, mega sound. This model offers leading-edge multidirectional sound that can be enjoyed in backyards, on patios, poolside or anywhere you may want to listen to music away from your home. The plug-and-play option broadcasts up to 350 feet away, through walls, floors or ceilings, all with no required wiring! This particular model is endorsed by national publications like Popular Mechanics, GagetNutz, and CrunchGear as an ‘exceptional weatherproof pool speaker’.

The OutCast model is also made from high-grade plastic, in order to withstand the elements, and features a tracking remote, easy setup, and amazing sound quality. At approximately 10” x 26” and only 25.4 pounds, this leading model includes an iCast transmitter for easy connectivity to a variety of audio devices, particularly the Apple iPod, using the auxiliary input/output jack. Those who purchase the OutCast wireless audio speaker will also receive an 8” downward firing woofer, four 3” high-frequency drivers in an omni-directional array, and a 100-watt built-in digital amplifier. The built-in NiMH rechargeable battery pack promises up to 10 hours of playtime using an internal AC power supply.

For high-end outdoor wireless speakers, the water-resistant systems offered by SoundCast are perfect for pool parties, backyard barbecues or any other outdoor setting all year long and in just about any type of weather.

When you need a wireless outdoor speaker system, The Pool Guy Store has the products and services you need to make your backyard sound system a rockin’ success! We offer free shipping on every order of $79 or more.