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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Free Style Diving Platforms

Whether you’re expertly plunging into the deep end or working on your biggest cannonball yet, S.R. Smith’s Free Style Diving Platforms will make you look good doing it! Unlike traditional diving boards, which are essentially just long wooden planks, the FreeStyle and HipHop diving platforms come in unique shapes – similar to rock formations - and composite materials to give your pool a more natural look and feel. Available in colors like sandstone, gray granite and radiant white, these diving boards blend extremely well in an outdoor environment and will give your swimming pool a sophisticated touch.

A few prominent features of the Free Style diving platforms are:

Shape & Size

While the FreeStyle board is a good 75 in. long, the HipHop board, at 87 in. long, is fairly longer. However, both free style diving platforms are great for backyard amusement and are safer to use than conventional diving boards. With a width twice as large as a regular diving board, curved shape and sturdy base, these boards are certainly a reliable source of fun! And due to their lack of springs, the boards require you to use your own force and momentum, which discourages complicated dives and reduces the chance of related accidents and injuries.

Non-Slip Composition

Speaking of safety, we haven’t revealed the best part yet! On top of using tough, composite material, the Free Style boards are wrapped and coated in a matching SureFoot non-slip tread – ensuring the safety of you, your family and friends. Say goodbye to holding your breath every time your child steps onto the diving board!

With the Free Style diving platforms, you can also be assured that their durable composite material, anti-slip tread and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware are capable of withstanding all types of inclement weather – ensuring your family a lifetime of fun and entertainment.

Salt Pool Friendly

Aware of the current trend of salt pools and salt chlorinator systems, our diving boards and the materials they are constructed from are salt pool friendly, meaning they function well in salt water environments.

Other notable features include:

  • D-Lux stand designed specifically for these boards, which installs on the existing 6’ Flyte-Deck jigs
  • Can be installed to Type I – Type V pools
  • May also be used with Cantilever, Supreme + Flyte-Deck II stands

One basic thing to remember when purchasing a board for your pool is that a diving board differs significantly to a jumping board. With the FreeStyle and HipHop diving boards, the board itself is flexible but the base is completely rigid, whereas a jumping board will have a spring at its base. In order to make sure you know the proper diving method for a diving board, check out this instructional video below:

Give your swimming pool a refined touch of flair with our Free Style Diving Platforms. Its natural design will not only harmonize well with the outdoors but also enhance the overall look and aesthetic of your poolscape. Visit The Pool Guy Store to browse our entire selection of diving boards today.