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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pentair MasterTemp Pool Heater

You’ve thought about it long enough, and the benefits of having a heated pool have finally outweighed the subconscious commentary of your inner naysayer who prefers the chilly waters of a heater-less pool! So what’s your next step? Deciding which of the many swimming pool heaters is the right one to get the job done. You’ll need something cost efficient, reliable, and easy to use if you want to get the most out of your newly heated pool. Luckily, we’ve already done the legwork for you. The Pool Guy Store would like to present: the Pentair MasterTemp pool heater.

When you decide to add a heater to your pool, you instantly increase the value of your pool dramatically by giving it use beyond the hot summer months. However, if you don’t want the costs of heating the pool to take away from this new found value, then you need to install a heater that will give you the best cost-savings through efficiency. It may not look like much, but this Pentair pool heater is a high performance, eco-friendly pool heater that can offer you best-in-class energy efficiency so you can be sure to keep that pool heater cost as low as possible. On top of the high-efficiency performance, the Pentair MasterTemp models also offer you these other remarkable features:

  • Manual gas shut-off for maintenance and servicing
  • Low NOx emission certification (it outperforms industry standards!)
  • User-friendly indicator lights for easy system monitoring
  • Rotating digital display for easy inspection
  • Small design and ultra-quiet operation eliminate noisy disturbances
  • Durable exterior for withstanding extreme weather and elements

Another reason why the Pentair MasterTemp is the best pool heater to invest in is its easy installation and use. It’s as simple as controlling the heating in your home. Simply choose an appropriate temperature for heating, and let the Pentair MasterTemp finish the job from there. You’ll be able to rely on this heater for years to come without worrying about excessive maintenance or replacement costs.

The amount of BTUs needed to heat your pool will depend on the pool’s size and the general climate in your area. But feat not, because the Pentair MasterTemp is offered at every BTU level you could possibly need. From the 175,000 BTU model all the way up to the 250,000 BTU level and everything in between, we’ve got you covered at The Pool Guy Store. Get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions about which Pentair MasterTemp model will be best for keeping your perfect pool paradise warm all year around! Check back for more pool- and spa-related tips and tidbits, brought to you by The Pool Guy Store.