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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The AqquACTIVE Stationary Exercise Bike for Your Pool

The AqquACTIVE Bike is a stationary exercise bike designed for use in home, community and commercial swimming pools. One of three pieces of aquatic exercise equipment made by Aqquatix, the AqquACTIVE upright exercise bike is recommended for fitness training, rehabilitation exercises or just for fun.

The AqquACTIVE pool bike is popular among those suffering from arthritis, joint pain or any other number of musculoskeletal injuries because it allows for a low impact exercise that is effective, safe and fun. When doing aquatic exercise, the water buoyancy lowers the risk of stress-related injuries especially in the joints, as it allows the muscles to work their full range of motion.

Its innovative and functional 316L stainless steel frame design provides stability and durability without making the bike too heavy to safely move in and out of the pool.

The amount of resistance provided during the workout comes from the water as well as the built-in adjustable resistance that you can tailor to your personal fitness and comfort levels.

The AqquACTIVE Bike Features:

  • Perfectly balanced, well-designed bases with four PVC suction cups to ensure maximum stability
  • Rubber wheels attached to the base allows the bike to be lowered into or removed from the pool easily
  • Adjustable resistance which allows aqua cycling at different levels of effort
  • Multi-position handle bars
  • Fully customizable handle bar and seat positions
  • Slide-in foot pedals

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 26 x 48 Inches
  • Water Depth: 40 to 55 Inches
  • Weight: 43 Pounds

It is recommended that you remove the bike from the pool when not in use, and if used in a salt water or thermal pool, be sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh water to avoid build-up of chemical deposits and residues.

Check out this video to see the AqquACTIVE in action!

For more information or to order the AqquACTIVE Bike, visit