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Monday, May 18, 2015

Jandy Water Feature Pump- Product Spotlight

Ready to make a splash? With today’s modern water features, you can turn your backyard into a luxurious pool paradise easier than ever. When re-designing your backyard and deciding on what water features you want in your own yard, it’s important to remember you also need quality equipment to keep your water running smoothly. The Jandy Water Feature Pump is the perfect solution for powering all your medium-head water features.

Energy Efficient – The Water Feature Pump is ideal for almost any backyard water feature. As a component of Jandy’s Energy Smart Products, the Water Feature Pump is available in three sizes and was designed to save you energy and minimize your operating cost. The design of this high-flow Jandy pump guarantees optimum performance, so you can run your water features whenever you want while conserving energy and saving money.

Quiet & Easy to Install – Featuring “Quiet Technology,” the Water Feature Pump runs quietly so you can enjoy your waterfalls, jets and other water features without the rumbling of a motor in the background. This Jandy pump is also easy to install. All Jandy pumps allow for “inline” connectivity so you can seamlessly integrate your pump with your choice of Jandy water features. The Water Feature pump also has:

  • An ultra-compact body
  • 2” by 2 ½” quick-connect unions
  • A flared base for easy anchoring
  • An ergonomic cam-lock lid with easy alignment indicators

When you’re searching for the best water pump for waterfalls, search no further than Jandy’s Water Feature Pump. Guaranteed the best pump for water features, with Jandy’s Water Feature Pump you can power your paradise while reducing your energy usage and enabling cost savings. For more information visit us at The Pool Guy Store today, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We’re always happy to assist.