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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Product Spotlight: BioGuard Pool Closing Chemicals

Once you’ve decided to close up your pool for winter, you’ll realize that it’s not as simple as throwing a cover on it and calling it a day. You’ll need a variety of winterizing chemicals and products to ensure that your pool will still be in great shape come spring and summer. That’s why the BioGuard line of pool closing chemicals and products are a great option for pool owners because they provide you with a great selection of products that all work together to keep your pool in tiptop shape over the winter.

BioGuard Arctic Blue Shock

This off-season winter pool shock from BioGuard should be your first step in effectively winterizing your pool. The Arctic Blue shock restores water clarity and acts as an oxidizer, buffer, and clarifier all through the winter season. The BioGuard off-season shock works with all pool surfaces, and it will make your job that much easier when it’s time to reopen!

BioGuard Winter Algicide

A bottle of BioGuard Winter Algicide will be your best friend this winter by making sure you don’t have to deal with unsightly, hard-to-clean algae in your pool when you reopen it for the summer. The BioGuard algicide formula is more affordable than other products, and it’s also non-staining and non-corrosive so the chemicals will fight off algae without harming your pool surface.

BioGuard Winter Floater WP

This silk winter floater from BioGuard has a unique design that ensures two ½ lb. chlorinating sticks will stay well below the winter cover line throughout the off season. This will provide your pool with a continuous chlorination during the winter, keeping your pool clean and sanitized. This product in particular is best used for white plaster pools only.

BioGuard Arctic Blue Algae Protector

The Arctic Blue Algae Protector is another anti-algae product that helps prevent algae growth of all types during the winter. The BioGuard formula is designed to be used in chlorinated or brominated pools and can be used in pools of all surface and filter types. You won’t need to do any mixing or pre-dissolving with this product before using it.

BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kits

To get more for your money and to save time picking out all of your individual winterizing chemicals, just order one of these BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kits. These kits are available in two different sizes, one to treat 12,000 gallons and the other to treat 24,000 gallons of pool water. Each kit contains the Arctic Blue Algae Protector, the Arctic Blue Shock, instructions on how to winterize your pool, and coupons for valuable savings!

All of these products and more are available at The Pool Guy Store! Check back for frequent tips and updates on pool maintenance, spa living, and all things pool and spa related!