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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to Convert Your Hot Tub to a Saltwater Hot Tub

For thousands of years, humans have used hot tubs for both recreational and restorative purposes. While freshwater hot tubs have been the norm for centuries, today we know hot tubs that use salt water actually provide more impactful benefits than freshwater tubs, such as extended tension relief, reduced swelling and improved skin appearance. Additionally, salt water systems are easier to maintain, and the purification systems produce all the sanitizer you need - all from natural salt!

Interested in converting your traditional hot tub to a saltwater hot tub? You can! Convert your freshwater hot tub to a saltwater hot tub in 6 easy steps!

  1. Ensure Your Hot Tub Can Handle Saltwater – Not all hot tubs are made equally. Before you start the conversion process, you need to ensure you hot tub is salt water compatible. Check your manual or contact your supplier to ensure there are no metal or plastic parts that will corrode or be damaged by saltwater.
  2. Get a Salt Chlorine Generator – The first real step in converting your hot tub to a salt water spa is obtaining a salt chlorine generator that is rated for the size of your hot tub. You should also search for generators that have a salt concentration readout, so you don’t have to test the salt concentration separately.
  3. Drain Your Tub – In order to create a pure hot tub salt water system, you first need to drain all the chemically treated water from your hot tub. Most hot tubs can be drained via a bottom drain spout, however you can also use a simple garden hose as a syphoning hose. If you have trouble draining your hot tub, contact a professional for help before proceeding.
  4. Add New Water & Salt – Once your tub has been drained and cleaned, add fresh new water and run the hot tub for a minute to dilute any remaining chemicals. Finally, you’re ready to add salt. Remember to purchase salt that is suitable for hot tubs (i.e. no table salt)! You should add about 2.5lbs for every 100 gallons of water your hot tub holds. Tip: Pour the salt away from water intakes, so granules don’t enter the circulation system.
  5. Install the Salt Chlorine Generator – In many cases, installing a salt chlorine generator can easily be done. If your generator installation requires piping however, you may want to contact a professional who can install it correctly.
  6. Enjoy Your Salt Water Hot Tub – And you’re done! Now you can run your hot tub as you normally would, while enjoying a more eco and health friendly at-home spa experience.

If you’re interested in a hot tub salt water system, know you don’t have to purchase a completely new hot tub. Most hot tubs can handle salt water, so most hot tubs can be converted. To find salt chlorine generators, high-quality salt cells that are suitable for hot tubs, and even more hot tub accessories, visit us at today.