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Monday, May 25, 2015

How Chlorine Generators Work to Keep Your Pool Clean & Safe

Summer is quickly approaching and that means that warmer weather is well on its way. A popular activity on the days where the heat is sweltering is to cool off by taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool.

Maintaining a safe and sanitary state of your pool can be a difficult and expensive task. With a chlorine water pool, the sun beats down on the water, and the chemicals that keep the water free of bacteria and germs are constantly evaporating. This can lead to you having to purchase and pour in chemicals every other day or so to maintain proper levels. A great investment you can make in your pool is to purchase a chlorine generator.

What does it do?

With a salt water pool system, the pool water passes through a pump that creates chlorine from salt. As it passes through the pump, salt water is turned into hypochlorous acid. The acid is the exact same component that is produced if you were to add chlorine tablets, powder or liquid to your pool. The pump works to produce chlorine constantly. When the water comes out of the generator, the newly produced chlorine will enter the pool and work to prevent algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms. An important thing to note about chlorine generators is that in order to get results you must maintain a proper pH level. As long as you do this, the chlorine pump will work perfectly!

Types of Chlorine Generators

There are two different types of generators that are commonly used in pools. The most popular, and recommended, is a salt chlorine generator. With this generator, it is required that salt be added to the water to get the best results. The other type of chlorine generator is a brine unit. This type does not require that the pool have salt added to it. Instead, the tank or chamber has a predetermined amount of salt in it, which allows the generator to inject chlorine in to the pool circulation system.

What are the benefits?

Besides saving you time and money that you would normal spend on manually adding chlorine to your pool, chlorine generators have many additional benefits. For one, generators precisely maintain chlorine levels that are consistent, eliminating issues due to levels that are either too high or too low. When it comes to pool chemicals, many people experience irritation, dried out skin or burning eyes. Salt water pools reduce or completely eliminate these irritations and will also prevent bleached-out swimsuits and hair. If the smell of traditional chlorine pool water bothers you, with salt chlorine generators, that smell is significantly less noticeable since the water has salt in it. While the cost of purchasing and installing these devices may be high, you will benefit ten times that with all of the work the generator does.

As you start to plan your summer around your pool, consider buying a chlorine generator to keep your pool safe and clean while saving yourself significant money in the long run. Shop through our selection of chlorine generators and other supplies to satisfy all of your pool needs!

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