Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winterizing a Pool Vs. Keeping a Pool Open for Winter

For pool owners faced with the inevitable coming of winter, they must decide whether to winterize the pool and close it up for the season or keep it open and operate it all year around. Both options entail a number of advantages and disadvantage. To learn more about which winter option is best for you, read on about the pros and cons of winterizing a pool and of operating it all year round.

Winterizing Your Pool


If you don’t want to have to worry about maintaining your pool during the months that it won’t be swimmable, then choosing to winterize and close your pool for the cold weather season may be the right option for you. Winterizing a pool refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning it and adding in special winterizing chemicals to keep your pool in good shape while the cover stays on all winter.

As mentioned before, the main benefit of winterizing your pool is not having to maintain it throughout the cold weather season. Plus, shutting down your pool system for winter, which includes clearing all of the water out of the system’s pump, means you won’t have to worry about frozen or bursting pipes when the temperature drops below freezing.

TIP: Pools located in areas where extreme winter climates are common will mostly likely be better off being closed down for winter.


However, there are some negatives involved with closing the pool for winter that all pool owners should take into consideration before making a decision. For one, a lot of work is involved with cleaning out and closing down a pool system for winter. If you are doing it yourself, you’ll need to set aside a good amount of time to completely and thoroughly clean the pool and to make sure every drop of water is removed from the pump system. On top of that, you should expect to spend some more time reopening the pool in the spring once the weather permits.

Operating Your Pool All Year Around


After reading about winterizing your pool and the lack of maintenance and cleaning you’ll have to do throughout the winter, you may have jumped to the conclusion that winterizing is the right option for you. However, there are many advantages to keeping your pool open all year long. Even when the water is too cold to swim in, pools look beautiful all year around. Imagine the still, crisp blue water of your pool surrounded by a blanket of white snow—sounds stunning, right? Just because your pool can’t be used for recreational purposes doesn’t mean it can’t still serve an aesthetic purpose.

Even though keeping a pool open for winter means maintaining it all season long, the weekly cleanings will be much less time consuming than the preparations involved in closing the pool down completely and then having to reopen it again for the spring and summer. Constant maintenance means you won’t have to deal with algae accumulating on the pool floor, which can sometimes take several days to clean up when reopening for spring.

TIP: If you live in a warm region where below freezing temperatures are not extremely common, definitely take advantage of it by operating your pool all year around!


As could be expected, operating a pool all year around is more costly when it comes to electricity. In order to avoid bursting pipes due to frozen water in your pump, you’ll have to keep the pump on continuously throughout the winter. This can lead to at least several hundred extra dollars based on 4-6 months of extra usage. Plus, winter weather is often unpredictable, so in cases where your home loses electricity completely during below freezing temperatures, you won’t have any control over those pipes freezing up and potentially causing damage to your pump system.

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