Thursday, May 9, 2013

2 Replacements That Will Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

Discover energy saving pool equipment can help reduce energy bills.

Many pool owners are wondering, "Are there greener alternatives for my existing pool equipment?" The resounding answer is, Yes! In this post we explain two methods that can drastically reduce swimming pool related energy costs.

1.    Replace your pool’s lighting. Similar to replacing your home light bulbs with energy efficient LED lights, pool lights can be replaced using similar components. Most pool lights are powered by large flood lamps, which are far from being energy efficient and typically only come in one shade of light. Thankfully there is a better alternative. Most flood lamps can be replaced with LED light bulbs that are both energy efficient and come in alternating colors. Next Step Lighting (previously Nexxus and part seen below) makes a series of drop in replacement LED lights in both white as well as multicolored. To get an idea of just how much you can save by switching to energy efficient lights visit Pentair’s Savings Calculator.  

For technical specifications on pool lighting visit our Energy Efficient Pool page in our Pool Supply Knowledge Base.

2.    Replacing your pool’s standard pump and making it a “Green Pool.” By replacing your standard pool pump with a variable speed pump you can reduce the amount of energy consumed and increase the lifespan of your swimming pool pump. If you are looking for the single most effective way to save energy, replacing your standard pool pump will be the way to go. To get an idea of just how much you can save by switching to an energy efficient pool pump visit Pentair’s Savings Calculator or Jandy’s Energy Savings Calculator. Some of the top brand for energy efficient pool pumps include: Pentair (seen below) Intelliflo, Jandy ePump and Hayward TriStar.  

For technical specifications on pool pumps visit our Pool Energy Efficiency page in our Pool Supply Knowledge Base.

Have questions about different energy saving pool products? Share them with us using the comments below and one of our pool specialist will reply.

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  1. Another replacement: your robotic pool cleaner! These guys can use up a shocking amount of energy without you even noticing. For example, a typical suction side cleaner on the market today uses about 1400 watts of energy. Compare that to something like the new Dolphin Premier, and it's no contest! Save energy, save money with the Dolphin Premier.

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